5 secrets to READ PEOPLE’S MIND like EDWARD in TWILIGHT (finally all the VAMPIRES TECHNIQUES brought to day light)

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So, as it is possible that some of you might not know who Edward, even if its quite unlikely… I’ll start with a quick introduction : he is one of the main characters in a series of books adapted to the cinema under the title of Twilight. This is a story of Vampires with a rather nice story which led to a worldwide success of $ 3.3 billion in revenue. Edward is a vampire, the handsome golden boy type, in love with a human called “Bella.” Each vampire has a particular power and his is telekinesis which is the ability to read in your mind. He reads not only the intentions but also feelings of people.

…And of course except those of his girlfriend Bella. But that’s understandable, we might very well be all at the same level considering that, huh. Even if you are a psychology expert you most definitely cannot read throughout your closest friends or family. Too much affect, too many feelings and memories.

Wait a moment, Is it only even possible to read somebody’s mind ? Even without being a Vampire… theories are widely spread : we would only use 10% of the real capacities of our brain. If you believe that, everything becomes possible… by practising theses abilities, even a little bit each day, perhaps we could manage to recreate super powers like the ones we see in movies ?

Here are the 5 secrets that will allow you to read in the mind of the person you are thinking of right now. Don’t say no, if you are currently listening or reading this article, it’s because you might have someone you would love to convince about something. I called these elements “secrets” because they still very little taught in our Education through School and after despite you can easily access them if you search a bit… Lets stop for a moment : you have to realize these techniques are known by influencers, politics and powerful people, there is a reason why we don’t know more about it. Let’s imagine a wide range of the population would come to know psychology or communication techniques, whether someone lies to them or which feeling they are experiencing when they say something on the TV. Owww now you get it ! It is not easy anymore to fool the public opinion.

1. Before we dive deep into the way the mind works, let’s have a look at our bodies… which betrays them!

We know that there is verbal language (you speak, you exchange in writing or you send an audio to the person you are aiming to reach) which represents surprisingly only 30% of the whole communication.

On the other hand non verbal language (mostly called “the body language”) this time represent 70% of the exchanges. And often we are led to understand that this is mostly the gesture, or even the way we stand. It is indeed very short-sighted when you actually know the real complexity of a human being.

Imagine an inner self, some call it the soul, if it does not suit you think of an inner energy that burns from the inside looking for all the ways to be externalized. By all the pores of the skin but also by the emission of hormones, by the contraction of internal organs, words of bellies or head until the moistness of a tight hand in a given situation. And we summarize that just “gestures”. Puree, there is so much more!

2. Graphology and the fundamental need to learn to read people

I started to get interested in Science, Human Knowledge very early when I discovered a graphology book in the parenting library. I instantly found it fantastic to be able to guess up to 70% or 80% of a person’s entire personality without even having met him … just by looking at the curvature of his words, the inclinations of his writing .

It was almost magical for me and a fervent worshiper of science fiction and fantasy novels … I was hypnotized by this possibility. The magic of course was in the stories but … would it be possible through years of practice to develop so much quality, human skill to reproduce effects similar to magic?

After all in centuries past, it was often like that that magical legends were born. We started from a healer who was particularly talented and who must have discovered the properties of a special plant … And it was named Merlin and made it the greatest magician of all time. Well of course I take big shortcuts, but you understood the idea.

So I put myself like a Vampire to frantically drink the juice, the essence of all the grimoires that came within my reach and spoke of graphology. And gradually I came across the close books like Freud and his Interpretation of Dreams that I found as intelligent as the graphological approach … Gradually I began to form my opinion still current: in fact, even before studying, to train oneself, to become good at any other field … well, there must be a stage where we start by understanding people.

What good can it be to be a world-famous expert in nuclear fusion if in the end we are so stupid when it comes to human relations that everything we do is badly received? Even provokes sharp opposition? Would it not have been smarter to study in advance how human aspirations work? Showing empathy ? Understand that all the old scientists in nuclear fusion who have not discovered the theories presented will do everything to oppose these theories? Well yes, their ego takes a big hit … because on their side, in a lifetime of research, they have somehow failed to do the same. So rather than doing what would be smart and objective (ie warmly welcoming the finds of this scientist and trying to understand how he did it to inspire them) well … they make a barrage of opposition and – if the theory found is unassailable – begin to create the most smoky theories about the author of these, to discredit it, to roll it in the mud.

And while we had a brilliant nuclear fusion expert … who, by the way, is only interested in Science and moving it forward … We have a few years later a broken man coming out of the science circuit when he really would could be prolific and move the world forward. Would it not have been necessary rather to devote maybe even just one or two years before to study the Psychology and to manage to put in place a strategy aiming to certainly present its findings but while sparing the scientific establishment?

The cemeteries are filled with people who were “right”. Few have been both right and heard by the main stakeholders. Because for that it is necessary to know how to deposit one’s Ego and to take a plane to go up in the clouds of the human comprehension.

3. Psychology, criminology and especially Stylistics!

So here I am small becoming progressively tall and enrolling me in the Faculty of Psychology, well left for the 6 years that followed. And there … I learn in the first months that OH EFFROI! Graphology is not considered a science … Because it includes a possible part of error … people trained in the art of writing according to the rules of graphology can still cheat and transfigure their writing and therefore to build an entirely different personality. Damn, all my plans fall into the water. I will not be gone to become the greatest magician of all time?

And now comes the second year of license and I come across a course of an excellent psychology teacher and expert in criminology of the Nancy area who told me that certainly the graphology is not a science but another discipline, the “Stylistic” can achieve the same result and that, OH BONHEUR, it is a recognized science.

But what is Stylistics? Well rather than being interested in writing that can be counterfeit one is interested in the words used. Yes, the chosen terms which in fact transcribe the mental states, personality traits of the person. And since she is not aware of betraying herself because the words that come to her are like so many evidences for her … She would not see herself clearly speaking any other way … You know those moments when you write or you say something and you say “Oh no, I do not feel, that’s not me”

There for example the most insightful of you could take this text, these words that I am reading and studying them. And manage to establish a psychological profile of my personality quite acceptable by professionals, whether in the world of health, justice or law enforcement.

Boarf, there is always a way to cheat you tell me, just learn what words mean what and pay attention to what they say. The principle to really completely simplify (even too much) is when you want to ask someone something and you say “I want it” or “I want it”. Well, the principle is that “want” refers to a psychology reality and “I would like” to another.

Here I am once again imagining myself doing magic, putting on Dracula’s coat and flying in the air … Using my new stylistic weapon to hypnotize the humans I met and drink from their blood … leave a mark the most indelible possible on both sides of their neck … Yum!

Without being Twilight’s Edward Cullen you start to see that you can guess and even know what’s going on in everyone’s mind, and even know how they work to predict what they will do in the future.

4. Morphopsychologie, on se rapproche du cerveau !

Alors pour te rassurer si justement tu viens d’être transis d’effroi en repensant à toutes les lettres manuscrites (graphologie) ou les e-mails, les messages sur les réseaux sociaux (stylistique) que tu as pu envoyer… Non seulement il faut pas mal de contenu pour pouvoir faire une analyse pertinente (genre le cours de Psychologie qu’on avait sur ces domaines était sur un livre entier d’Amélie NOTHOMB) mais ce n’est pas non plus pris comme seul élément constitutif permettant de prendre un avis sur ta personnalité, en tout cas pour les professionnels. Suffit pas comme dans les magazines de faire un seul test pseudo-psychologique pour ENFIN avoir toutes les réponses…

Non par exemple en recrutement les grandes entreprises utilisent la graphologie (pas mal en France et surtout pour les postes à haute responsabilité) en demandant une lettre manuscrite… Et l’analyse qui en ressortira ne sera pris que comme un des dix éléments qui vont permettre au Directeur des Ressources Humaines (DRH) de prendre sa décision.

Tout comme la morphopsychologie qui est utilisée en recrutement, même si comme la graphologie elle n’est pas considérée comme une science exacte. La morphopsychologie, qu’est-ce que c’est ça ? C’est l’étude des particularités, des traits présents sur le visage. Et c’est une matière en laquelle je crois pour avoir rencontré et vu des morphopsychologues à l’oeuvre.

Le principe est que si vous êtes quelqu’un d’heureux, vous aurez donc tendance à davantage sourire que d’autres. Et si vous souriez mettons 30.000 fois par jour, eh bien par rapport à quelqu’un qui ne sourirait que 10.000 fois par jour… et ce reproduit mois après moi, années après années… vous imaginez le nombre de sourires que ça représente. Et forcément, comme tout muscle que vous actionnez davantage que d’autres eh bien il se met à grossir, durcir, changer son aspect. Et votre visage se modèle progressivement pour inscrire les événements lourds de votre passé qui ont impliqué d’importantes réactions.

Je ferai d’autres contenus pour explorer davantage ces techniques. Mais sachez que sans encore être un Vampire, en regardant le visage (et je ne vous parle pas des yeux !) de la personne en face de vous… vous pouvez connaître les grandes tendances qui ont et qui traversent sa vie. Voir s’inscrire ses réactions comme un livre ouvert car là encore c’est tellement difficile même quand on connaît de gommer ses réactions… qu’avec un peu de patience on parvient toujours à voir clair.

5. M’en fous, moi, j’veux être Édward et pi’ c’est tout !

Franchement, je comprends. Rien que voir l’hystérie de certaines, je comprends. C’est pas non plus les Beatles ou Led Zeppelin mais il est bien parti pour occuper le mur de nombreuses chambres en poster. Est-il donc possible de lire dans les pensées et comment faire ?

Dans le sens où ce ne sont pas les manifestations, les synapses qui construisent une pensée mais le contraire… Il apparaît pour les technologies dont on dispose actuellement très difficile de le faire. On pourra au mieux observer via des machines les aires du cerveau qui s’activent et donc connaître les grands thèmes de réflexion ou les émotions suscitées… Mais obtenir le détail des pensées comme si nous étions aux manettes de la personne non, pas possible.

Par contre de nombreux mentalistes sont devenus maîtres pour déchiffrer le langage non verbal et deviner ce qui est pensé. Vous ne pourrez pas savoir ce que pense la personne de vous mais vous pourrez deviner la carte Roi de Coeur ou le chiffre qu’elle a en tête. Une chaîne Youtube explique ça plutôt bien, je vous invite à aller voir et vous abonner : Fabien Olicard

Ici sur cette chaîne je ne ferai pas de mentalisme, je ferai plutôt des techniques de psychologie scientifiquement prouvées pour la plupart et en tout cas dûment éprouvé sur le plan professionnel. Notre but n’est pas de deviner ce qui se passe dans l’esprit de la personne mais la comprendre assez… voire les réactions que nos mots produisent… pour pouvoir déployer l’Art de la Convaincre et au final faire adopter le comportement que l’on souhaite à la personne à laquelle tu penses.

Bien sûr toujours dans son intérêt et ensuite dans le nôtre, car la vérité, quelles que soient les techniques employées, finit toujours par triompher !

Que votre bol de sang de ce soir soit assez sucré à votre goût !

Aougalabonga !

Pour chaque partage, tu sauves un Yorkmouth !

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