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I am tired of seeing stereotypes such as if in order to convince a population to think otherwise you had to start one by one. I’m quite frankly sick of hearing such nonsense. On a scale of one to ten, this strategy might rank at two or three. And yet we keep hearing it repeatedly by politicians, opinion leaders. Precisely when they use other techniques themselves. Like “make sure to do what I say and not what I do.”

You must at least have seen once leaders yelling at young members in political meetings to : “go occupy every street, pull, talk to your friends, to your family and you will start a wave that cannot not stopped” . Confusing isn’t it ? For those who have already had someone within their family convinced or politically committed …. You know what I mean…

It doesn’t matter: at each family dinner or evening with friends, the person at some stage talk about the cursed subject. And as soon as there is a new person around the table who just answers him politely … He takes it for an encouragement and it goes on and on for hours to bring out again and again the same arguments. Do you really think this method will convince largely people ? For real ?

Lets also speak about the leaflets widely distributed in the streets. The known figures are only 1% of success. Why do leaders, who know these numbers, send their troops in what looks like a tremendous waste of energy? We leave in the twenty first century with social media all the time at arms reach. How could this situation continue ?

1. The reasons of the decision makers revealed

You come to understand or at least realize “we are not told everything”. There is necessarily a better explanation. To mislead the masses of volunteers… an explanation must exists. Indeed and by several psychological theories.

First of all, that when you constantly explain and re-explain the same thing, you end up not only improving your speech through practice, becoming more convincing but also and above all: becoming more convinced yourself. Well yes, as much at the beginning we could be hot way to defend an idea … But by having to answer questions, often quite aggressive because we still disturb people in the street … well we have to ask ourselves in big defender of the idea. And by dint of adopting, to force this posture … Well it becomes true, we end up embodying the change that is advocated. And we explain it in an ever improved way and we love more and more what we say even if we repeat each time, every year the same thing. The principle of teachers what. Do you imagine that you are remaking the same court each time, to a class that changes only by the elements that constitute it? Well, with this psychological phenomenon, it becomes almost pleasant, like a drug.

Another phenomenon is that of the scapegoat. When you start to defend your thing and realize that 95% of people have nothing to do at best and otherwise you attack. You erect yourself as the victim, and the others become an indistinct body, an enemy. And when we have an enemy, we are in a state of war and we close the ranks with those who are like us: the other victims who are next to you pulling, the other inserts of your city when you debrief towing in meeting … In short, even if you did not like Jean-Claude because the deo he does not know … Well, because he too has taken full mouth, you will become his boyfriend or at least bury the Orcrux at a place where it will not disturb Miss Granger.

And even if you have 1% success, in the end, you are present. And outside people see you. And it’s like on social networks, it’s better to show oneself, to be seen in excess even in bad … rather than never to be seen. We all subconsciously prefer to vote for people we see active in our daily lives for a list that we never see for real.

In short, the leaders know very well what they do, they use dark magic coupled with smart marketing. And they on their side they make the real techniques that can offer compelling content on a large scale.

2. The technique of proof by the example of Gary VAYNERCHUCK’s Portkey

For those who do not know, Gary is one of the biggest vloggers in the United States (VLOG = VIDEO + BLOG, he films himself a lot of his days and gets quality content that posts videos on Youtube) . Gary realized there is no point in breaking down walls that will be rebuilt as soon as builders get the chance. It is better to act intelligently: that is to say, to push doors already open.

Gary spent about ten years defending around him the emergence of social networks even though at the time nobody believed. Rather than brewing the wind in front of people on their positions he chose to “let it be said” and prove by the story turning in his favor and taking care to document the times when he predicted what would happen.

He often talks about a meeting with big wine merchants (a former family business he had) where he sparked a general laugh when he announced that he was going to launch a “website” to sell wine … And to hear that it was ridiculous, that nobody would buy wine online, that his project was doomed to failure.

And now that the events have as you know exploded to his advantage … It is enough for him to show the contents of this period to silence any opposition. And it is also very interesting to stop for a moment here: make an account … Certainly he was well advised and was certainly right for social networks. But even now, he is seen as the Messiah by many (and often for good reason, I invite those who speak English to follow him) and his predictions still now are seen and applied as Gospel Word. His current workhorse is that the next technological revolution after social networks will be the Voice (in the sense that everything will be in voice, even messages, we will not write them anymore, we will dictate them on our phone). But will he be right again? Few people would be able to say it with as much force as it does now.

And yet, his voice no longer suffers any questioning. He did not convince one by one the people. He put his detractors aside and then proved to them what he was doing. In a magic wand, his Portkey instantly took him to a blazing success of 800 employees and brewing millions.

3. How the proof of Isaac Asimov’s PsychoHistory reinforces these facts

For Science Fiction fans you will surely know the cycle of the books of the Foundations of the mythical Isaac Asimov. In these books is treated a discipline, the “PsychoHistory”. We are in a universe with an Intergalactic Empire with in its center Trantor a government that holds all the galaxies. And a scientist Hari Seldon predicts that the Empire will fall, that fast travel technologies between planets will be lost and that a period of complete chaos will last 30,000 years. But it is possible to reduce these 30,000 years to 10,000 years with some actions thanks to PsychoHistory.

By and large, this subject uses Sociology, Psychology, Mathematical Calculus and the teachings of the great historical movements to shape actions that will manipulate tens of billions of inhabitants. The theory is that it is impossible to predict the behavior of a single individual or even several hundreds of thousands (the micro level what). But that by count one can act at the macro level, of millions and billions because the movements of crowds are predictable due to the human character of each one.

And I find that fascinating and so true, you’ll understand why: what PsychoHistory does is they record holograms of the scientist, Hari Seldon, and place them in certain parts of the universe, according to their predictions. For example 200 years after the beginning of the chaos period, a first hologram is seen in a cave. Hari Seldon announces a cataclysm on the surrounding planets and suggests doing specific actions to avoid this event.

What do you think people do? Well, nothing because they do not believe it. And the cataclysm intervenes. Meanwhile, the appearance of the hologram, the information has spread through the galaxies, including the announcement of the place and date of the appearance of the next hologram, still several hundred years after .

Well at the second hologram, there was already a lot more waiting and people present, just to see if Hari Seldon was going to be right again. All the same he announces events, he advocates actions to be done.

Except this time, doubt is instilled and people are running. The scientist just comes to the force of his words to make changes that involve billions of people and this hundreds, then later thousands of years after his death.

For I let you know that the following appearances are seen as celestial, divine moments, and what he says is applied as a religion. And that’s where it’s really good: he did not bother to convince every one of his contemporaries that the all-powerful Intergalactic Empire would fall. His calculations took into account the human reluctance and Psychology did the rest …

I believe that people are unique only by their DNA “and again”. We are not determined but we register as human in large movements of society that leave the concept of free will quite relative, as long as we really search for Freedom. But this is another debate that will motivate an upcoming content.

4. Harry Potter the very symbol of success by evidence

Honestly fans help me, listen to me for a moment … Would you really bet on a baby against one of the greatest Black Mage of all time? You would also have pledged your marauder card on love spells that would protect Harry from Voldemort? Really ?

In all sincerity and between us, no one would have bet an owl on it. And now because the child prodigy has survived he has become a symbol. A model to follow, a celebrity thanks to the story, the improbable storytelling that surrounds it.

It is enough now that he starts an adventure, a project so that people spontaneously sometimes follow him blindly. It’s crazy anyway? The kid did nothing, his mother did the spells and it was Dumbledore who made him not dead a hundred times already, he’s a bastard, not really the smartest one ever crossed and in addition he defies the most powerful guys at recess … Usually and in real life, this kind of individual they do not survive very long!

And this pseudo example that did nothing to deserve it becomes the captain of the boat of thousands of magicians who do everything he can ask. It is deliciously edifying and frightening because this same technique can also be used for bad purposes …

Alohomora! Let’s get up in the air a moment to conclude.

Of course you have to think empathically about each individual who looks like the person you want to convince. But if you really want to succeed and at unsuspected levels, think global and macro. Remember to show, to prove by example, to inspire rather than impose. Some would call it soft power (for example making big-budget movies seen by all with cultural references oriented inside).

Those who run or have made their profession already know all that. If you do not fight with the same weapons as you, you are beaten in advance. While you exhaust yourself on the ground to gain a few at a time, they will sprinkle high and convert thousands into an overflight.

The human is programmed to survive and for that he seeks security, stability. So change is not really his favorite dessert. Do not be a hippogriff to understand that. On the other hand if to survive it must be inserted in a global tendency which it perceives as a progress already experienced and validated by many of his witch friends … It will do it much more easily or will ask for more.

“There are always some who will reproach you for something, but they are not worth the attention” Hagrid

Aougalabonga !

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Pour chaque partage, tu sauves un Yorkmouth !

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